Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham Welcome to Vivekananda Seva Sangham


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Our organization is rendering services to the satisfaction of the inmates by offering.

  • Nutritious food
  • Health care
  • Weekly health checkups
  • Spiritual get-together
  • Inmates are driven to the hospitals in case of any emergencies.
  • Accommodation - single rooms, shared rooms and dormitory.

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Orphans, Poor and Meritorious Children

Orphans and meritorious poor children are provided with economic support to come up in their life. We provide them with

  • Shelter
  • Good education by joining them in good schools
  • Extra academic care by providing tutors
  • Health checkups at regular intervals by children-specialists
  • Extracurricular activities
  • Help to develop their internal skills (egg: Arts or sports)
  • We are providing scholarships to Non-Residential poor and meritorious children.
  • Presence of these children in an old-age-home enlivens the atmosphere and creates a homely environment and thus benefits both the aged and the children. (Home away from Home)

  • DechairsDeckchairs

Amusement and enjoyment are provided to all the inmates in the ways described below

  • Shelter
  • National and religious festivals are well organized here
  • People here can go through an ultimate enlightenment by going to the temple that is constructed inside the premises as the temple is considered to be the place where one can transcend the world of man.
  • Outing at regular intervals to all the kids and elderly people.
  • Cultural programs are arranged to encourage the hidden talents in children.

Health Care:

Our organization gives high priority to the health of all its inmates and kids. We maintain good contacts with most of the top specialists in Hyderabad who help us out in cases of any emergencies.

Future Endeavours:

We approached the government to provide land for our old age home and in recognition of the philanthropic activities being carried out by our organization the State government has considered our request for the land favourably and were kind enough to allot us about 1500 sq. yards VIDE (GO MS No: 1722 Date: 26/10/2006) at Madinaguda, Serlingampally Mandal which is situated in a very healthy and non-polluted environment.

In future we would like to add another floor to our existing two-storied building as the inmates and children of our organization are increasing in number. In the proposed construction public can have the rooms reserved in their names or in the names of their kith and kin.

We solicit help in the form of donations for the orphanage we wish to construct in our home in a separate wing.

About Us

Vivekananda seva sangham is a Non-Governmental organization whose primary purpose is to provide a home for the under privileged kids and helpless elderly people.


Nutritious food health care weekly health checkups and spiritual get-together Accommodation

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